Thousands of men and women with incontinence rely on Depend® for discreet, comfortable protection so they can get on with living active lives.

Manufactured by Kimberley-Clark, Depend® offers a wide variety of absorbent products that are designed to help you manage incontinence so that you can remain active and get on with your life without worries of embarrassing leaks.

Depend® products for bladder control are superior because they change urine into a gel to help reduce leakage, reduce odours and keep urine away from the skin to help keep skin drier and healthier.



  1. Layers next to the skin are very soft and non-irritating, but porous to let urine pass through quickly.
  2. Highly absorbent inner layers wick the urine away from the skin keeping the surface of the pad or garment drier.
  3. Super absorbent granules actually turn it into a gel that can’t leak out. These granules help control odour too, so the wearer feels more secure.
  4. The outer layer furthest away from the skin is non-porous to keep wetness inside and protect clothing.


Some Good Reasons why you should use Depend® products:

  • Designed especially to fit your body
  • Odour Reducing Super Absorbent Particles give you the confidence of being fresh
  • Dry-Touch technology quickly draws wetness in to make you feel drier and prevent odour
  • Soft, Dry-Touch Cover to help you stay fresh and comfortable
  • Soft side shields stop and contain leaks